"Failure and setbacks plagued my results until I changed my limiting beliefs of what I could achieve, the mindset of the "WHY?" and 1year later lost 150lbs." 

What holds you captive from the Body and Life you always wanted? 

What's your WHY?

 After transforming my Mind and Body in 1996, I spent the next 23years immersed in the Art of Mind and Body Transformation. What I discovered during that time is that we are told to change our habits and behaviors, then we will achieve success. What if you follow the model and still fail, like all the other times before.

How do you respond? I know how I responded, with automatic negative thoughts about myself followed by self-doubt and harmful habits that sent me into a mental and emotional downward spiral, leaving me 60lbs heavier after losing all my weight. Whattttttttt?


Admittedly, I knew something was wrong. How do I transform my body, and then after the transformation, the problems start and get worse mentally? Does this sound familiar? Or do you lose weight, change your life, and then realize you cannot maintain the results you achieved and gain it all back? Either way, we experienced a setback that we did not know how to get through. We lacked the tools and were ill-equipped to overcome the obstacle.


Never the less, I was determined to understand what real transformation looked like, and when I finally did, I became the best version of myself, physically, mentally, emotionally, and with the toolbox necessary to overcome any failures or setbacks.


The Power4 Coaching System focuses on the mental, physical, emotional bodies and never-ending execution to True Mind and Body Transformation. 



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