"My Mission is to give individuals the Blueprint and Tools necessary to overcome obstacles and achieve extraordinary results on the Journey towards True Mind and Body  Transformation."



 My name is Keith Veri. I have spent the last 23 years Studying, Practicing, and Coaching Mind/Body Transformation. I began my Quest of the Power4 Coaching System in 1996 when I stood 300lbs at a height 5'5, and food addiction consumed my everyday.

 One year later, I achieved a weight loss of 150lbs, with a new career and a mission to Coach individuals How to Transform their Mind and Body. 


The POWER4 System is a Three-Part System; 

First, Power4 of Goal Setting, four most important questions you will ever ask yourself, What do I want?, Why do I want it?, How will Achieve it?, Finally the most crucial question, What Barrier has kept me from reaching my goal?

Secondly,  Power4 Elements to Complete Transformation embraces the way we Think, Feel, Believe, and the Action needed to Achieve Ultimate Success in Our Body and Lives.

Third, the  Power4 Training System,: The Nutrition, The Movement, The Training,  and The Flow Factor

Finally, the name "Verifit-Strong," it was my sister who inspired the name. Alicia, my little sister, at the age of 38, lost her life to Breast Cancer. Every time I look at the title, I see her strength and perseverance to overcome something that would ultimately take her life but never gave up, Hope.

Now, you know the story.


What's your story? And What's your Why?


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