Now let's begin to discuss goals, a goal-like concept that leads us to increase performance for three significant reasons—direction, motivation, and strategy refinement that direct our action that empowers our journey towards the goal.

Internal motivational goals that result in more significant effort and persistence, Strategy refinement goal setting is merely one element of strategy for success. These goals accelerate and intensify our journey.

Our goal is setting principles. They are challenging, a commitment to a goal, goal importance times the goal attainability. Specific goals that are approachable pull us toward our desired outcomes rather than pushing towards negative ones, which become avoidance goals the soul-sucking effect. Measurable enhancement of the strategy refinement, new action plans will encourage consistent, steady progress. With regular progress towards a goal, we will give it a proximal, time limit to the short-term goals that will always generate more accountability factors. The ability to have a Vision insight, range of motion is inspirational goals that should be important to me and consistent with my ideas and ambitions for the future.

Let's begin to build a toolbox to turn lofty ambitions and see consistent action towards the prize. The strategy creates a strategic frame of mind, and in turn, creates order out of chaos. The focus we now have helps us Identify synergies and turn them into scampi goals. We think the foundation and focus in identifying areas of focused effort that will be the foundation for broader success. We then flush out action plans, actions that will take us closer to our goals.

Take one action today and identify a significant obstacle and how to overcome it.

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