The battle of health and wellness and how we are failing

We are failing our clients and patients with these quick fixes and unrealistic goals or even behaviors. We might know that the power of the 1% could save someone's life, but we don't share it with them is almost criminal. When yourself when you have transformed within your mind, your body, and your life, you keep it yourself, it's selfish and unfair. We have a responsibility, authority, and the ability to influence and inspire other people to be transformed. Within your body and your mind and what happens is you can multiply the impact by transforming more people and then transforming more people by sharing their stories connecting.

Our transformations inspire others to take the journey of transformation and find their greatness.

My pastor told me all your battles and victories over the years God has been preparing you to take on others burdens and disciple train coaches so they can have a real transformation. It is our responsibility to inspire those who search for those results.

But what happens is we have is called fear of failure, and the favor of failure fear in our bodies is transformation. Our physical health continues to suffer because of our fear of failure and complacency of starting.

Now, this is where our stability within the first phase of redeveloping ourselves. It begins with the body and the mental and emotional components that become the issues because of the lack of addressing it. When we are physically unhealthy within the inner stabilizers of our core in our physical body there weak, our physical output and fear to fail don't allow us to move forward. Now, this snow will affect starts to roll down problems multiply with the way we view ourselves physically, which drives the mental as well as the emotional. In our transformation, we never get past the first phase; we revert to identifying where we are and where we want to be. So then why haven't we reached the first phase that sets us up the whole process and why we fail makes us understand the reason the why behind our fear look at our past to move forward and learn from our failures is easy to say I know but not easy to do. Next paragraph

See the battle of our health and our wellness has been a die identifying factor that we develop over time that we never really analyze and understand why do we have these feelings these emotions these thoughts about ourselves physically mentally emotionally spiritually. So we create these fears based on our failures, so the more we fail, the more we begin to fear to take another chance to challenge themselves; we stay fixed in a mindset that cannot see past failure. The failure creates automatic negative thoughts that become instantaneously to any feeling that we have when it comes to our fear the shortcomings that we have there is no definite connection and from there were affected and by our behavior and how we think.

These fears uncertainties and doubts that we have because of our failures; we find ourselves paralyzed from failure and take no action.

Do not hide our abilities; we should always have a never-ending constant improvement in our lives to execute and adapt and have a blueprint for setbacks to set us up for victory.

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