Our pursuit of creating a blueprint and executing a successful strategy for physical and mental transformation relies on the nutritional-behavior modification that effectively aligns with our goals.

Nutrition, the missing link to low-level results, the coaches' role is to learn the principles to ignite change in the individual. The coach's responsibility, so the individual does not continue to fail, is to execute and assess and make adjustments. At this point, there is little research that has examined the effectiveness and efficiency of goalsetting and relationship to behavior change within arbitration.

The power of change and transformation with goal setting will be a social account of the transformational journey using goalsetting for behavior modification and setting behavioral goals. As a coach who lost 150 pounds, developing a strategy to identify and change self-destructive behavior, the power of goal setting is the key. The following article talks about goal setting as a nutritional strategy for change in nutritional behavior modification. The Four phases of goal setting will empower mental and physical transformation effectively.

We look at goal setting; there are philosophies and psychology for significant behavior change and dietary intervention based programs based on these four steps of successful goal setting.

  1. Recognize the need for change

  2. Establish a goal

  3. Monitor goal-related activity and effectiveness

  4. Self-reward for goal attainment or setback plan for individualization

Nutritional behavior modification when embracing change and setting goals, the 4 phases, and the coach will engage and create a framework for continuous growth in the individual.

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