In our society today, we are bombarded with body transformation, selling you all these results, and who can give you the most benefits and, overall, can help you get 99% money back. What if it is all of the above doesn't support what if it comes down to not your lack of commitment or your sacrifice, whatever comes down to something that we never focus our efforts. No matter how many times he tried to transform our bodies, we forget the most important thing we make all the habits of eating better, changing the way they eat change our practices but what happens when we do all of that, and you are the one reading this continues to fail. And for so long you blame yourself, or you blame the program not working for you at the end of the day what stands what tends to happen is this constant failing this pattern you begin not even to want to try or also gets worse moving forward. What if we change how we thought about how we feel and what we believe in about ourselves about how we got here. What about if we transformed our mind and body that yoga on a column find peace mind and body what if we changed what we believed in changing how we think and how we feel. What that means is we take action we read something, and we needed we have to buy it scared me the one thing that changes our body for the final last time. We do it and is at work in fail is not feasible to live. But what if we look at all the ways we failed in the past. We begin to no longer live in failure, but live in the learning why we failed and changing our mindset by understanding why we didn't achieve certain things. While changing what we believe, we change the thought process, and how we make decisions, you make in that it changes how we feel by actually transforming. The transformation is the development of a growth mindset, the ability to fail, and learn from the failure, then make adjustments and succeed!


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