The four Pillars of Holistic based coaching system is a journey of your body, mind, and your life. First, begin with the body, then see the vision of what you want to accomplish. Seeing the image next put a feeling to that vision and Finally, taking the passion into action.

Now, we created the vision, the passion of the vision. Moving into action and creating the Blueprint, the Toolbox, and the keys of motivation to achieve your Greatness.

Having a Purpose of what we want and why we want it allows us to identify and create the interstate that will enable us to start and experience the underlying intention of your purpose now your energy flows where attention goes. The belief and minimizing the fear of uncertainty and doubts an uninspiring person believes according to what he achieves, and An inspiring person performs according to what he thinks.

Compelling emotional experiences are crucial to the process of growth. Conquering challenges can boost not any motivation but also the belief in oneself. Self-efficacy the confidence that you can. We can do it. More significant effort persistence goal commitment practical coping skills could help in all when adverse events occur. The belief in our future or your future, there is a flipside of belief self-handicapping or depression procrastination.

So we must focus on the effect the emotion refers to the feelings, whether pleasure or pain. Cognition thoughts that are more rational and logical include beliefs, goals, plus action plans, which are broader and more abstract and the elements of our mental life our identity in what we believe about ourselves. We look at our mental scripts the expectations of how certain events on bold.

The hippocampus transforms perceptions of new experiences into long-term memories that are crucial for cognition. The basal ganglia involved in learning skills and or behaviors, amygdala the other emotion-related a pathway capable of making and processing info but until the little capacity for feeling and expressing emotions

Our emotions shape our cognition. ABC cycles change our perceptions of our lives, our bodies, our minds, turns the vision, and a strategy into these snowball cycles. Successful attempts to lasting change will result from changing our these cycles.

The clarifying our vision was the cognition activity that focused on thoughts about the future. Then the strategy focused on behaviors in achieving the vision, and our emotional experience will help pull it together, for example, inspirational music speeches using the real emotions to build our belief.

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